We provide Infrastructure Implementation Services to small to medium businesses that do not have their own IT departments or Staffs.  The request for an IT infrastructure implementation arise  when you  have certain goals or needs in mind.

ALPVITS will research and plan the required resources to carry out the required job scope that are needed for the IT infrastructure implementation. Thereafter we propose the most viable and cost effective solutions and share the viability for the hardware and software which might be required , along with the timeline for implementation.

Servers – Deployment & Maintenance

  • Installation  Servers Operating Systems ( Linux & Windows)
  • Server Hardware replacements (HP, Dell, IBM)
  • Backup Servers (Symantec, OpenFiler)
  • Web Servers (IIS, Apache)
  • E-Mail Servers (Microsoft Exchange, Smartermail, Horde)
  • Proxy Servers.
  • Windows Servers (Active Directory, Terminal Server, Sharepoint)
  • Virtualization (Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen Server, Vmware ESXi)
  • Storage (NAS, SAN, Cloud)
  • UPS Setups & Installations (APC)

Networking Deployment

  • Routers, Swiches & Firewalls (Cisco, Sonicwall, Dlink, Foritgate, HP)
  • Structured Networking Cabling (Offices)
  • Fibre Optic Cabling & Installation
  • Wireless Deployment (Unifi ,Netgear, Cisco)
  • VPN Deploymentso Cabling Certifications (Cat6)

Desktops & Notebooks

  • Desktop Installation and configuration Hardware & Operating Systems.
  • Storage solutions – Network Attached Storage
  • Thin Client Computing
  • Microsoft Office
  • Anti Virus solutions (Kaspersky, Microsoft Essentials)